Açaí Roots

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This is a True Story

Acai Roots was founded in 2005 by native "cariocas" (Brazilians born in Rio de Janeiro). Their goal was to deliver the great taste of acai while maintaining its unique health benefits – and never sacrificing quality.

We had started eating acai as young children, in bowls just as Brazilians are still eating it today. We had experienced it as a fresh and tasty berry that helped us maintain our energy all day – way before it was marketed to the world as a superfood.

Acai definitely is a superfood – there’s no doubt about that. Today, millions of people around the world are familiar with the distinctive flavor and proven health benefits of this powerful antioxidant. We built Acai Roots on the belief that pure, wild-harvested organic acai is better than alternatives that include added fillers, and we still believe that today.

That’s why Acai Roots products always contain 100% organic Brazilian acai, harvested in the rainforest using sustainable methods. Unlike other juices claiming acai, our Premium Acai Juice contains only acai, with no other fruit juices or added fillers. When we do add other ingredients, like the guarana in our Brazilian Style Energy Blend, we buy it directly to maintain the highest quality possible.

Today we remain committed to providing the freshest, best-tasting, healthiest acai products you’ll find anywhere. We continue to lead the way with new products, like our Premium Acai Fruit Bar, the first of its kind – a great tasting frozen confection that also delivers antioxidants and omega 3 health benefits.

Our promise is to always deliver what you are seeking – great-tasting acai that delivers all of the health benefits of this amazing berry. And in order to do so, we will never sacrifice the quality of the product.

To your health,

Marco Rega and Rafael Magalhaes

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