Açaí Roots

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Acai Sustains us. and vice versa.

Acai Roots has always managed the wild-harvest of acai in ways that:
- BENEFIT the local workers and their families. We remain committed by providing Brazilians with the opportunity to benefit financially through the sustainable harvest and export of this remarkable crop.
- helps PROTECT the delicate Amazon rainforest from the clear-cutting and burning which has decimated so much of that region. By protecting the precious rainforest and still bringing you one of the healthiest foods in the world – We all WIN!
We also actively support organizations such as Rhythm of Hope, which gives inner-city Brazilian youth a fighting chance(fighting chance for what?), and Praia Para Todos, dedicated to giving disabled people the opportunity to experience the joys of the beach. Both organizations promote the development of healthy lifestyles, which is in keeping with the Acai Roots mission.

Food sustains life and better food sustains better living.

We approach every day with a sense of gratitude and commitment to helping others create healthier and more rewarding lifestyles. This is our view at Acai Roots, and it is why we are so devoted to providing you and your family with premium quality acai. Delicious! Good for you and good for the rainforest! Cheers to your health! Check out our complete line of remarkable Acai Roots products.